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Brief Introduction of Keidy


Established in 1970, Keidy Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. is one of the largest groups involved in the area of manufacturing, supplying, and investing of electrical and mechanical

industrial products in China.


Keidy has been serving the electrical industry & mechanical area for over 30 years with uncompromising quality, integrity, and reliability, especially with very competitive prices.

Keidy Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. has six branches. They are the Keidy Headquarters, Keidy Electrical Branch, Keidy Mechanical Branch, Keidy Investment Branch, Keidy

International Business Branch, and the Keidy Research & Development Branch.


Keidy has its own manufacturing base, which includes 17 factories that manufacture all types of high, medium, and low voltage electrical products. It also has 22 factories that

manufacture castings, forging, magnet, sintered components, valves, pipe fittings, DC and AC motors accessories, and plastic products.


All of Keidy's resources are focused on providing high quality, low cost, and incomparable services to our customers. Our production facilities are ISO9002 certified. Through the

following major programs the company is seeking to provide continuous improvements in all areas of our operations:


 Develop our own equipment and tools needed to produce more specialized products for customers.
 Conduct extensive reliability testing to ensure our products perform at peak efficiency in a variety of conditions.
 Frequently review standardized work procedures to assure defect-free products are being delivered to all our customers.
 Run all procedures in control through the use of SPC.
 Ensure just-in-time delivery and in customized quantities.
 Maintaining CAD designs available for quick reference to Keidy engineers and customers.
■ Cellular manufacturing.


Since 1980, Keidy Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. has been devoted to supplying and exporting our electrical and mechanical products, along with our metal hardware products to the world market. Each year Keidy International Business Branches have exported more than 50 million U.S. dollars worth of Keidy and its partners' products to the world market.

Fifty-five percent of these are high and medium voltage electrical products and 45% are mechanical and plastic products. Keidy's products have been exported to more than 40

countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Spanish, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Middle Eastern countries, Indonesia,

Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, etc. Due to our very competitive pricing, timely delivery, reliable quality, and rigid quality assurance systems, Keidy has an excellent

reputation among its clients worldwide. Due to the superior service offered by Keidy, many customers in the world soon began asking Keidy to supply them with a complete

package of components - both Keidy's and others.


Quality Policy of Keidy


- To provide our customers with high quality products and services at all times.
- To prevent and eliminate the occurrence of defects.
- To maintain our high quality standards, and to continuously improve these standards.