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Tungsten Carbide Round Blade


 Products introduce

Keidy Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. is the specialist for Tungsten Carbide solution. With more than 30 years' experience in these areas, we have established complete production line for forming, sintering and machining. Carbide Round Knife, Rubber Belt Blades, Corrugated Paper Blades, Asbestos Blades, Carbide Ring etc. are one of our main Tungsten carbide products.
Our round blades with long tool life, we can optimize our grade for different cutting material and find the balance with better wear resistant and higher strengthen. We can supply customized round blades such as different cutting edge angle, cutting edge polish, surface mirror polish.
Our mission is supply professional one stop solution for our client, minimum their cost and optimize their efficiency.

Our products including

  • Carbide Round Knife
  • Asbestos Round Knife
  • Corrugated Paper Blades
  • Rubber Belt Blades
  • Marble Round Knife
  • Carbide Ring
Corrugated Paper Blades
Corrugated Paper Blades
pos. specificiations
1 Ø200xØ122x1.4
2 Ø210xØ110x1.4
3 Ø225xØ110x1.4
4 Ø230xØ130x1.4
5 Ø240xØ32x1.2-2xØ7.5
6 Ø250xØ105x1.6
7 Ø250xØ140x1.5

◀Fig.1-1 Blades Shape

Corrugated Paper Blades
pos. specificiations
8 Ø250xØ150x1.6
9 Ø260xØ112x1.6-6xØ11
10 Ø240xØ114x1.7-8xØ11
11 Ø260xØ140x1.5
12 Ø260xØ158x1.6
13 Ø260xØ160x1.7-6xØ10
14 Ø260xØ168.3x1.8-8xØ11

◀Fig.1-2 Blades Shape

Corrugated Paper Blades
pos. specificiations
15 Ø265xØ168.3x1.8-8xØ11
16 Ø270xØ168.3x1.8-8xØ11
17 Ø270xØ170x1.7-8xØ11
18 Ø270xØ190x1.6
19 Ø280xØ168x1.8-8xØ11
20 Ø280xØ202x1.4-6xØ8
21 Ø290xØ112x1.8-6xØ11
22 Ø300xØ114x1.8-8xØ11

◀Fig.1-3 Blades Shape

Rubber Belt Blades
Rubber Belt Blades
pos. specificiations
1 Ø28xØ6x0.3
2 Ø30xØ10x0.2
3 Ø35xØ8x1
4 Ø40xØ6x1
5 Ø45xØ8x0.25
6 Ø45xØ10x0.3
7 Ø60xØ16x2
8 Ø90xØ25.4x1.2

◀Fig.2-1 Blades Shape

Ruber Belt Blades
pos. specificiations
9 Ø100xØ65x0.7
10 Ø100xØ30x1.5
11 Ø100xØ65x2.0
12 Ø105xØ15x0.3
13 Ø106xØ15x0.3
14 Ø150xØ70x5.0
15 Ø180xØ70x5.0
16 Ø190.5xØ50.8x1.5

◀Fig.2-2 Blades Shape

Asbestos Blades / Marble Blades
Asbestos Blades
pos. specificiations
1 Ø200xØ70x3.5
2 Ø200xØ90x5.0
3 Ø200xØ150x5.0
4 Ø203xØ31.9x0.6
5 Ø203xØ31.9x0.7
6 Ø203xØ31.9x0.9
7 Ø220xØ80x1.4
8 Ø220xØ80x1.7
9 Ø250xØ70x3.5

◀Fig.3-1 Blades Shape

Asbestos Blades
pos. specificiations
10 Ø250xØ105x1.6
11 Ø250xØ140x1.5
12 Ø250xØ150x1.6
13 Ø260xØ112x1.6-6xØ11
14 Ø240xØ114x1.7-8xØ11
15 Ø240xØ114x1.7-8xØ11
16 Ø240xØ114x1.7-8xØ11
17 Ø240xØ114x1.7-8xØ11

◀Fig.3-2 Blades Shape

 Blades advantage

   Various edges angle

With different cutting material, Keidy has its own experience to supply diffierent cutting edge to improve cutting life.

   Different material    

Keidy Grade ISO Grade Strengthen
YG6 K20 1380 89 14.5-14.9  
YG6X K10 1420 91 14.6-15.0  
YG8 K30 1600 89.5 14.5-14.9  
YG10X K35 2200 89.5 14.3-14.7  

More strengthen or more wearance? Keidy has its professional experience to recommend suitable material to our customer.

   Customer Design     

No matter standard blades or special blades, Keidy can always supply satisfy service for our customer.

 Why choose Keidy

  • Keidy has prefessonal technical team to supply whole solution for Tungsten Carbide.
  • Keidy equiped complete sets of production line.
  • Keidy established strict quality control system.
  • Keidy can supply standard or customized fiber blades per our client's requirement.
  • Our mission is supply professional one stop solution for our client, minimum their cost and optimize their efficiency.
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